The World doesn’t need more clothes. It needs better clothes. Timeless and sustainable designs that always finds its way to the top of your wardrobe shelves. Designs you want to wear again and again. Slow fashion that lasts longer than just a single season, because it’s comfortable and durable enough to stay good looking for a decade. This has been the idea behind Basic Apparel since 2013 – and it still is.

Sustainability never goes out of style

All our styles are created with the environment and a sustainable future in mind. We are GOTS certified which means that sustainability is an integral part of our everyday work - from recycling our trash to sourcing clean materials for our clothing.

One example is the use of soft Tencel, that is produced from sustainably sourced wood through environmentally responsible processes. Because no matter what color your favorite piece of clothes is – it should be green.

Don’t make a statement. Make an impression.

We always aim at creating designs you fall in love with. Those few select pieces of clothes that you keep coming back to because they make you feel good and inspire you to be your best self.

This way both you and our planet wins.

If you are looking to make a big statement, then we’re probably not the right fit for you. Our designs are subtle classics. We are more pandas than peacocks. We embrace you with quality materials that make you comfortable in your own skin. Because it should be you who leave a lasting impression, not your clothes. We call it power dressing.

We are inspired by the beautiful Nordic nature. It gives us bold and original ideas for new timeless styles. This is why we always look for sustainable fabrics when creating a new style. Because we want to protect the nature that inspire us.

At Basic Apparel we dream up, draw and design every little detail from our beautiful studio in Copenhagen. We are 4 young women who love timeless designs inspired by nature almost as much as we love nature itself.

Our passion is to cultivate bold, original and sustainable fashion that make you feel comfortable. We hope you like our philosophy and our styles as much as we do.

Produced by family

We take great care in how we produce our clothes and who we produce it with. To make a minimum impact on our environment and to ensure the greatest quality, we produce the main part of our clothes at family owned factories in Turkey. They have documentation for their safe and fair working conditions, and we visit them regularly to follow the quality of the work. Because no one can feel comfortable in clothes that is produced under inhuman work conditions.

Small is beautiful

Basic Apparel is driven by Camilla Balle and a small group of independent, passionate young women who love timeless designs and believe in taking care of our planet. We have no shareholders or a board of old men in suits who tell us what to do. It’s just us, and all we want is to spread good vibes through great and sustainable designs.

This is also why you can’t buy our designs at most of the big online shops. Our hearts beat for the local retailers who brings life to small communities and we would rather sell a little less through them, than more through a big online shop. After all, we are not looking for more, we are looking for better.

We are proud to be represented in the following markets: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Greenland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, England and Israel.

Logo symbol

An old rune from the Viking Age, meaning morning dawn, symbolizing a calm new beginning. We've put the circle around the rune, to symbolize the timeless never ending circle, and the look of the circle together with the rune, makes it look like a button.